Representation and Generalization of Bi-Manual Skills from Kinesthetic Teaching


Conference Presentation

Speaker(s) : Felix Reinhart

Event : IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots

Place : Osaka

Date and Time : 12/01/2012, 11:20 am

Abstract : The talk presents a modular architecture for bi-manual skill
acquisition from kinesthetic teaching. Skills are learned and embedded over
several representational levels comprising a compact movement representation
by means of movement primitives, a task space description of the bi-manual
tool constraint, and the particular redundancy resolution of the inverse
kinematics. A comparative evaluation of different architectural
configurations identifies a specific modulation scheme for skill execution to
achieve optimal spatial generalization from few training samples. Based on
this architectural layout together with a novel stabilization approach for
dynamical movement primitives, the robust teaching and execution of complex
skill sequences is demonstrated on the humanoid robot iCub.

Partners : Bielefeld University - CoR-Lab


Felix Reinhart


12/01/2012, 11:20 am


Osaka, Japan


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