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Lemme A, Reinhart RF, Steil JJ. Efficient online learning of a non-negative sparse autoencoder. In: ESANN. Vol. doi:10.1016/j.humov.2010.04.001. ESANN. Bruges: d-facto; 2010. pp. 1-6. Available from:
Lemme A, Neumann K, Reinhart RF, Steil JJ. Neurally imprinted stable vector fields. In: ESANN. ESANN. ; 2013. Available from:
Lemme A, Freire A, Barreto G, Steil JJ. Kinesthetic teaching of visuomotor coordination for pointing by the humanoid robot iCub. Neurocomputing [Internet]. 2013 . Available from:
Lemme A, Reinhart RF, Steil JJ. Online learning and generalization of parts-based image representations by Non-Negative Sparse Autoencoders. Neural Networks [Internet]. 2012 ;33:194 – 203. Available from:
Lemme A, Meirovitch Y, Flash T, Steil JJ. Co-articulation of straight lines with an Artificial Neural Network. In: NCM 22nd Annual Meeting. NCM 22nd Annual Meeting. Venice; 2012.
Lemme A, Neumann K, Reinhart RF, Steil JJ. Neural Learning of Vector Fields for Encoding Stable Dynamical Systems. Neurocomputing. 2014 .
Lemme A, Meirovitch Y, Khansari-Zadeh SMohammad, Flash T, Billard A, Steil JJ. Open-source benchmarking for learned reaching motion generation in robotics. Paladyn J. Behavioral Robotics [Internet]. 2015 ;6(1):30-41. Available from:$002fj$002fpjbr.2015.6.issue-1$002fpjbr-2015-0002$002fpjbr-2015-0002.pdf?format=INT\&t:ac=j$002fpjbr.2015.6.issue-1$002fpjbr-2015-0002$002fpjbr-2015-0002.xml
Lemme A, R Reinhart F, Steil JJ. Self-supervised Bootstrapping of a Movement Primitive Library from Complex Trajectories. In: IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids). IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids). ; 2014.

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