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de la Rosa S, Giese MA, Bülthoff HH, Curio C. The contribution of different cues of facial movement to the emotional facial expression adaptation aftereffect. Journal of Vision [Internet]. 2013 ;13:1–15. Available from:
Barliya A, Omlor L, Giese MA, Berthoz A, Flash T. Expression of emotion in the kinematics of locomotion. Experimental Brain Research [Internet]. 2013 ;225:159–176. Available from:
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Chiovetto E, Giese MA. Kinematics of the coordination of pointing during locomotion. Plos One [Internet]. 2013 . Available from:
Fleischer F, Caggiano V, Thier P, Giese MA. Physiologically Inspired Model for the Visual Recognition of Transitive Hand Actions. The Journal of Neuroscience, in press [Internet]. 2013 . Available from:
Endres DM, Meirovitch Y, Flash T, Giese MA. Segmenting sign language into motor primitives with Bayesian binning. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience [Internet]. 2013 ;7. Available from:
Mukovskiy A, Slotine JJE, Giese MA. Dynamically stable control of articulated crowds. Journal of Computational Science [Internet]. 2012 . Available from:
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Endres D, Adam R, Giese MA, Noppeney U. Understanding the Semantic Structure of Human fMRI Brain Recordings With Formal Concept Analysis. In: Proceedings of the 10h International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA 2012). Proceedings of the 10h International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA 2012). Springer; 2012. pp. 1-16. Available from:
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Omlor L, Giese MA. Anechoic Blind Source Separation using Wigner Marginals. Journal of Machine Learning Research [Internet]. 2011 ;12:1111-1148. Available from:
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Christensen A, Ilg W, Giese MA. Spatiotemporal tuning of the facilitation of biological motion perception by concurrent motor execution. J Neurosci [Internet]. 2011 ;31:3493–3499. Available from:

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